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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Sequencing and transcriptome analysis for reproductionrelated genes identification and SSRs discovery in sequential hermaphrodite Amphiprion ocellaris

Wei Yang 1-4 ,Baian Lin 3 ,Guangli Li 1 ,Huapu Chen 1-2 ,Min Liu 3

1 Zhanjiang City Key Laboratory for Marine Ecology and Environment, Guangdong Research Center for Reproductive Control and Breeding of Indigenous Valuable Fish Species, Fisheries College, Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang 524088, China
2 Laboratory for Marine Fisheries Science and Food Production Processes, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, Qingdao 266071, China
3 State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361102, China
4 Food and Environmental Engineering Department, Yangjiang Polytechnic, Yangjiang 529566, China
DOI : 10.4194/1303-2712-v19_12_07 Viewed : 256 - Downloaded : 180 Keywords :