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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Effects of Substitution of Fish Meal (FM) and Macroalgae (MA) with Soybean Meal and Rice Bran in a Commercial Juvenile Abalone (Haliotis duscus hannai) Diet on Growth Performance

Ki Wook Lee 1 ,Hee Sung Kim 1 ,Dong Gyu Choi 1 ,Bok Il Jang 1 ,Hyeon Jong Kim 1 ,Ahyeong Yun 1 ,Sung Hwoan Cho 1 ,Byeong-Hee Min 2 ,Kyoung-Duk Kim 3 ,Hyon-Sob Han 3

1 Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Department of Convergence Study on the Ocean Science and Technology, Busan 49112, Korea
2 Busan Marine Fisheries Resources Research Institute, Busan 46763, Korea
3 Aquafeed Research Center, National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, Gyeongsangbuk-do 37517, Korea
DOI : 10.4194/1303-2712-v17_3_08 Keywords :