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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2015, Vol 15, Num, 3     (Pages: 505-515)

Cryptobenthic Fauna of the Mussel Farm’s Collectors

Evgeniya Karpova 1 ,Alexander Boltachev 1 ,Svetlana Statkevich 1 ,Olga Danylyuk 1 ,Ilya Turbanov 1

1 Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, 2, Nakhimov ave., Sevastopol, 299011, Crimea, Russian Federation DOI : 10.4194/1303-2712-v15_2_38 Viewed : 3746 - Downloaded : 5450 In this study, cryptobenthic communities of fishes and decapod in underwater caves of Tarkhankut peninsula, underwater caves of southwestern Crimea and mussel's farm in Sebastopol were described. Structure and features of cryptobenthic fauna were considered for mussel's settlements and underwater habitat (caves and grottoes), the study of which is extremely complex and are sketchy and incomplete in the Black Sea. In the cryptobenthic fish community of the mussel fouling two new for Crimea fish species - zebra goby Zebrus zebrus and small-headed clingfish Apletodon dentatus, were discovered, both of them were previously found only sporadically in the southern part of the Black Sea. For the first time early developmental stage and morphometric characteristics of the Black Sea population of zebra goby were studied, this made it possible to identify the morphological differences between similar species Zebrus zebrus and Millerigobius macrocephalus. Some morphological features of the Black Sea population Apletodon dentatus, which is one of the rarest species of this genus, have been described. Species biodiversity and quantitative relationships in the crypthodentic decapod community was investigated. Adult specimens of two rare species of shrimp (Lismata seticaudata, Alpheus dentipes), previously known in this area for only a few find plankton larvae were first found in the fauna of decapods of southwestern Crimea. Results from study confirm that it is promisingly investigate the species diversity and abundance of cryptobenthic species fish and decapod in artificial populations of mussel fouling. Keywords : Black Sea, fish, decapods, cryptobentic, mussel, Gobiidae, Zebrus zebrus, Apletodon dentatus, Lismata seticaudata