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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2009, Vol 9, Num, 1     (Pages: 105-110)

Dietary Effects of Coconut Oil and Peanut Oil in Improving Biochemical Characteristics of Clarias gariepinus Juvenile

Ademola Zaid Aderolu 1 ,Olubodun Akintoye Akinremi 1

1 University of Lagos, Department of Marine Sciences, Akoka, Nigeria Viewed : 3454 - Downloaded : 5710 Attempt in reducing the high cost of feeding in aquaculture through the use of energy rich oils was taken as a means of protein sparing action. Juveniles of Clarias gariepinus with an average weight of 20.0±1.20 g were allotted at random, 5 fish per tank in a total of ten tanks and were fed five isocalorific and isonitrogenous diets containing 5% and 10% graded levels of coconut oil and peanut oil, respectively over a period of 6 weeks. Results obtained showed that fish fed diets containing graded levels of oil had significantly higher (P<0.05) weight gain, feed efficiency ratio and specific growth rate when compared to the control diet that had no oil. Among the oil diets, 5% inclusion level of peanut oil gave the highest feed and protein efficiency ratios (1.75 and 4.37, respectively). No significant difference was observed in weight gain, feed conversion ratio, and specific growth rate between fish fed 10% coconut oil and 10% peanut oil. The cholesterol level is lower in the control diet (198 mg/dl) compared to other diets with values ranging from 220-260 mg/dl. Carcass analysis shows no significant difference between the control diet and others in terms of the crude protein values; but the ether extract result of the carcass is significantly higher in the control compared to other diets (25.62>16.86). The lowest economic conversion ratio of 0.51 was obtained on the 5% peanut feed as compared to 0.73 for the control. Diet 1-4 which had graded level of oil had better ratios of feed conversion and economic conversion than the control without oil inclusion. Inferences from this study conclusively support the inclusion of graded levels of coconut and peanut oil in the diets of Clarias gariepinus for better growth and economic value in the sustenance of aquaculture. Keywords : dietary effect, peanut oil, coconut oil,biochemical characteristic, Clarias gariepinus