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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2009, Vol 9, Num, 1     (Pages: 23-27)

A Preliminary Study on Reproduction and Larval Development of Swan Mussel [Anodonta cygnea (Linnaeus, 1758)] (Bivalvia: Unionidae), in Lake Çıldır (Kars, Turkey)

Nimet Selda Başçınar 1 ,Ertuğ Düzgüneş 2

1 Central Fisheries Research Institute, 61250, Kaşüstü, Trabzon, Turkey
2 KTU, Faculty of Marine Science, Dept. Fisheries Tech., 61530 Çamburnu, Trabzon, Turkey
Viewed : 3818 - Downloaded : 2870 In this research, reproduction time and larval development of Anodonta cygnea in Lake Çıldır during 2000-2002 were studied. The mean number of larvae (N) produced by each gravid female was about 115,000 and the mean shell length was (L) 99 mm (59.2-128.3). Best fitted relationship between the number of larvae and mussel length was found as N = 43.696*L1.68 (n = 34, r = 0.42). There was a weak relationship between the length of the mussel and the weight of gills full of larvae, as W = 0.0007 L1.958, r = 0.68 (P<0.01). The weakest relationship was found between length (LL) and height (HL) of larvae: HL = 0.2682LL + 256.47 (r = 0.23) (P<0.05). The duration of gravidity was observed from the end of July to June the following year. Keywords : swan mussel, Lake Çıldır, Anodonta cygnea, glochidium, reproduction