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Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2024, Vol 24, Num, 8     (Pages: TRJFAS25575)

Genetic Diversity of Prussian Carp, Carassius Gibelio (Bloch 1782), Populations in Euphrates River Based on mtDNA and Microsatellites

Arif Parmaksiz 1 ,Dilara Ulusal Sevimli 1 ,Yusuf Kurt 2

1 Harran University, Science and Arts Faculty, Department of Biology, Sanliurfa, Turkiye
2 Harran University, Science and Arts Faculty, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Sanliurfa, Turkiye
DOI : 10.4194/TRJFAS25575 Viewed : 259 - Downloaded : 194 Population genetic studies can be useful in understanding invasion scenarios of non-native species. Carassius gibelio is an invasive species that can be found in various river and lake systems around the world. In this study, species identification was made by mtDNA COI sequence analysis for C. gibelio populations along the Euphrates River system and the genetic diversity of the populations was revealed using mtDNA D-loop and microsatellite markers. A total of 19 alleles were detected as a result of four microsatellite markers. It has been determined that fish populations are not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium because they show inbreeding reproduction and gynogenetics. According to microsatellite data, there is no genetic structure that coincides with the geographical distribution of the populations. The Euphrates River ecosystem is exposed to the effects of invasive species as well as anthropogenic activities and the survival and diversity of natural fish populations in the rivers are endangered. If necessary precautions are not taken, natural and endemic species will not be able to compete and there will be a high probability that they will be replaced by the invasive species C. gibelio in the future. Keywords : Prussian carp Non-native species Genetic diversity mtDNA Microsatellite